Tillverkning: Handmade item
Tillverkningsår: 2014
Mått: 35 x 25 cm
Teknik: Gyotaku
Upplagor: Original
Gjord i: Barcelona © Design exclusive property of Morla Rosel

800 kr

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Japan has a unique type of print art. Now remember, Japan is an island country surrounded by water, which means a plentiful supply of fish. This method of print art is called gyotaku or fish printing. Literally, ’gyo’ is fish and ’taku’ is rubbing. So gyotaku is the method of making a print by rubbing the body of an inked fish.

Gyotaku has been around since the mid-19th century. It began as a method of documentation. Before cameras were invented, fishermen made impressions of fish they caught to provide a record of trophy catches. The images proved claims of size and appearance. Over time, fish printing evolved into an art form that’s still practiced today and very popular. A skilled gyotaku artist can create beautiful images that catch subtle details and textures.